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How Much Does it Cost to Create a VR Game Application?

Create a VR Game

Undeniably, Virtual reality has captivated a massive market size and continuously rising with a fast growth rate. Currently, VR is known for its massive contribution in the gaming sector, as the industry has witnessed a sudden boom after its arrival. Many app development companies already considered it as future technology and looking to create a VR game for their users. In the gaming industry, the virtual reality is started with the release of concepts of Oculus VR and Gear VR by Samsung and later on HTC launched Vive headset, which comes with tracking technology and hand technology. Today, Sony PlayStation and Xbox have hundreds of virtual reality games, and with every passing year, the technology becomes as powerful as the real-world gaming.

Are you also looking to create a VR game for your game lovers? But to build a VR game, many factors require to be considered, and the most concerning aspect is its development cost.

Hence, this blog will give you an idea of VR Game Development Cost but before that, let’s discuss the market size, types of VR games and benefits of VR in gaming.

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According to experts, the market size of virtual reality in the gaming sector is reached to $4 billion, and by 2025 the market is expected to reach $45 billion.

Table of Contents

Types of VR Games

Due to a wide range of VR headsets and gadgets, the popularity of VR games is rising rapidly. Most of the PC based games are now customized into VR format efficiently and successfully. Following are the types of VR games:

As with every creation in the universe, there has to be a humble beginning for everything and VR technology was no exception. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the father of this amazing technology, history suggests that it could have been the innovation of not one but five key individuals. First, Morton Heilig for giving users the very first interactive film experience which can be take the credit as the beginning of 3D content. Then, there’s Jaron Lanier, the first person to credit the term “Virtual Reality”; Douglas Engelbart, who invented the computer mouse and laid the foundation for the modern user interface; Ivan Sutherland, inventor of the first head mounted display (HMD); and Myron Krueger, a computer graphics and audio wiz.

  • First-person VR shooting game
  • VR enabled Horror games
  • VR enabled adventure games.
  • VR enabled casinos and gambling.

The cost to develop VR enabled game application is between $50K to $100K approximately. The VR Game Development Cost may be higher or low and mainly depends on the complexity of the project.

Let’s discuss some factors which affect the development cost.

Factors Affecting Development Cost

Planning Game Design

To create a VR Game it is essential to plan a precise game design for every game project. At the time of game development, you need to explain your idea and vision clearly to your developers. The better and precise information you provide the better result you’ll get. Find the best option between your desire and the developer’s ability to create. A game design plan includes what kind of graphics you require in your game, the sound effects and other features that make your game a big success.


There are so many platforms for VR games like- Google Cardboard, Gear by Samsung, Vive by HTC, Hololens by Microsoft, and Oculus Rift. All these platforms have their specific features and functionality. Therefore, you have to decide on a platform before development.


Research and development have an impact on development costs. Once the developer understood your game app requirements, they start their research in finding out the best and latest technology which can be applied to the project. If you hire an experienced developer, then it will help you in your costing as well- as the more professional developer will take less time in research and ultimately saves your cost.

The First Attempt at a VR Experience – The Sensorama. In the 1950s, a cinematographer by the name of Morton Heilig came up with a unique concept he later developed, known as the Sensorama. Featuring an arcade-style theater cabinet, the sensorama was aimed at stimulating a person’s senses. It featured a stereoscopic 3D display, fans and smell generators, stereo speakers, as well as a vibrating chair. The idea of the Sensorama was to fully immerse a person into a film-like experience. Heilig also went on to create as much as six short movies for his device.


In virtual reality, design and graphics are everything. You need to focus on what type of game design your game app requires? The design would be 2D or 3D- In terms of development, 2D games are cheaper as compared to 3D. 3D based design includes details, character, figures, items, etc. The overall cost will depend on the complexity and quality of the project.


360-degree design is expensive to develop. The cost of developing games with this design mainly depends on the graphics and features.


Finding the bugs and loopholes before releasing any game is essential. The testers test the VR games by playing it with hardware like headsets and controllers. The testing time is lesser than development time. Testing includes 15% to 30% of development costs.

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Other Costs of Project


Marketing is one of the vital tools that help you to display and promote your project in the market. It can make or break your project. Several companies spend millions of dollars on marketing techniques like- advertising, printed media, online & offline events, etc.

Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014.


Music in games plays a significant role; a game with background music is succeeding in attracting the users towards the platform. The game development companies use sound effects, music, voices, dialogue, and emotions to make an outstanding game. Sometimes organizations use stock sounds, and occasionally they hire specialists to record the voice-overs to give the best experience to their users.

Miscellaneous Cost

These costs are different from development costs. This cost includes- legal, accounting, translation, and communication cost.

The Category and Gameplay also Estimate the Cost of a Game

  • Basic games can be built between the range of $3k to $10k.
  • VR-based Horror games are popular and can be made between $25k to $90k.
  • Multiplayer games are expensive as compare to other categories. These types of games are developed in the range of $90k to $150k.

Cost According to Regions

  • In the US, the development cost is $50 to $200 per hour.
  • In India, the development cost is $10 to $50 per hour.


To create a VR game, the development cost is the major factor that will fluctuate according to the requirements. Undoubtedly, Virtual technology has a bright future ahead. Many companies are adopting VR technology which opens the gates for great business for marketers.

The First Time Is Not Easy. Most people who have tried virtual reality once would like to experience it again. However, for most people, the first time is not an easy process as it usually requires some sort of adjustment. Some people say that after their first virtual reality experience, they felt very disjointed. Others complained about motion sickness. However, once they have tried virtual reality for a second time, they adjust well to the experience until they get so used to it.

Hiring a professional is a better option to build a VR-based project because they have proper knowledge of developing such games instead of making a game by yourself or hiring a freelancer. Or you can reach out to us for the best VR app development solutions.

So good luck with your Virtual Project!!

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